Frequently Asked Questions

Why CyMetrics?

Most organizations understand and have taken measures to reduce cyber risks and cyber attacks, but because these risks impact all parts of operations they cannot be certain that all parts of the organization are using appropriate security measures. CyMetrics not only assist organizations to meet regulatory requirements, but to also organize and manage the much needed continuous improvement lifecycle for cyber risk management.

How does CyMetrics meet regulatory requirements?

Ensuring that company risk, security, and ICT management are able to draw on expert advice in relation to knowledge of current cyber-security threats and patterns and record the results in a single report.

How often are the assessments updated? What are the criteria?

CyMetrics is amended by an inter-disciplinary team of experts, cyber-analysts, as frequently as necessary based on current events.

How do you calculate cyber-threat factors?

The Weighted Threat Factor provided as part of CyMetrics is the result of a blend of threat factors associated with the profile being assessed.

How many CyMetrics accounts can we have?

A company can have as many CyMetrics users it believes to be appropriate. The CyMetrics application is flexible and provides for a client administrator that can assign company access to other company CyMetrics users. For example, it is desirable for department heads to have their own account. Each account would have its own UserID (your email) and unique password.

Is my information secure?

HudsonCyber is committed to keeping the data you provide us secure and takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information from loss, misuse or alteration.

What is your privacy policy?

HudsonCyber will not trade, sell or share your personal information for use by any third party business without your consent, unless required by law or as disclosed to you when the information is collected. Occasionally, we may use your personal information (such as name, mailing addresses and e-mail addresses) to contact you about new HudsonCyber products and services, as well as to monitor usage activity. Your information will be stored in HudsonCyber databases, which are located in the United States.

What does CyMetrics do that other assessment systems do not?

HudsonCyber has produced a web-enabled and fully automated system that will provide such a range of useful guidance for cyber-security that will enable a company to ascertain the level of cyber-risk within their operations.

Does CyMetrics tell you what to do?

No, CyMetrics allows managers to measure their cyber-risk and apply best practices in accordance with their SSP and Industry guidelines. CyMetrics specifically avoids telling your management what to do as each company is unique. CyMetrics provides valuable information in a consistent fashion to allow managers to make measured, timely and valid cyber-risk management decisions.