Delivering Cyber-Risk Management Solutions to Commercial Transportation in an IoT Environment

Helping Trucking Companies Improve Cybersecurity Resiliency

CyMetrics is the American Trucking Associations premier cybersecurity service for the U.S. trucking industry. Partnered with HudsonCyber, a leading U.S. transportation cybersecurity service provider, and through Fleet CyWatch, ATA’s federation member benefit for sharing and reporting industry cybercrime, CyMetrics improves all trucking companies’ cyber-maturity.


CyMetrics is a web-based service that provides an assessment of your company’s cyber-maturity. The assessments generate reports identifying specific prioritized recommendations to meet business needs, internal auditing, and cyber-readiness self-assessment.

CyMetrics quickly identifies cyber-risks to your company’s personnel, trucks, cargo, and infrastructure.

Completing the CyMetrics assessment enables owners, executive management, and IT operators to enhance their oversight and management of the organization’s cybersecurity program:

  • Identify factors contributing to and determining the company’s overall cyber-risk.
  • Assess the company’s cybersecurity preparedness.
  • Evaluate whether the company’s cybersecurity preparedness is aligned with its cyber risks.
  • Determine risk management practices and controls needed or actions to be taken to achieve the company’s desired state of cybersecurity preparedness.
  • Inform business risk management strategies.

CyMetrics provides actionable recommendations for preventative procedures and countermeasures to be incorporated and implemented into your company’s policies and plans. These recommendations are in on-demand reports for easy tracking of follow-up actions and management review. Download a short overview presentation of CyMetrics to understand the value of this approach.

Users can benchmark themselves against transport industry peers.

CyMetrics provides the ability for geographically diverse organizations to maintain a single view of its company cyber maturity. It gives owners and IT operators the ability to approach cyber risk with high-quality, actionable information and guidance.

CyMetrics drives continuous improvement efforts to minimize the impact of cyber incidents.


CyMetrics is based on commonly accepted cyber frameworks, including:


CyMetrics users gave the following feedback:

  • “The web-based solution was simple and easy to set up the cyber-risk analysis.” – J&M Tank Lines
  • “Comprehensive cyber-threat reports presented actionable recommendations to meet challenging regulatory requirements.” – Boyle Transport
  • “Bench marking can be used to support the organizations Plan-Do-Check-Act processes.” – Werner Enterprises
  • “Focus is on the important requirements for targeted self-assessment.” – Quality Trucking Company